By Heather Dunn Dillon.

Shopping for Father’s day and Christmas for my dad is not as easy as it is for some fathers.  While shopping at the mall I always see ample gifts for the father that likes golf or fishing.  My dad, being a carpenter, was surprised most often with a set of drill bits or the new gadget endorsed by Bob Vila.  However, anytime I could snatch up any Mayfield memorabilia, that would be his gift of choice.  I don’t think there is a Mayfield baseball cap ever created that does not grace the shelves in my father’s closet.

Some people ask me, “Why are you such a big fan of Mayfield football?”  And when I think about it, it is inherited fanhood, if there is such a word.

My dad, a 1972 graduate from Mayfield High School, never played football himself, but he seldom has ever missed a game.  When I asked him if he could remember his first Mayfield game he said, “My dad took me when I was young, and I don’t think I do remember, my first game, but I don’t remember not going.”  My grandfather, Bill “Bonehead” Dunn, played in high school in the early 40’s as #55.  They called him “Bonehead” because he refused to wear his helmet during the games; it bothered him.  Today that would not even be allowed.  My grandfather, too, has always been a faithful Cardinal fan over the years.  I remember as a youngster him bringing a thermos full of coffee and shared with all of us as we huddled close together to keep warm.

In 1985 my dad missing seeing the championship game because of work.  But since then, he has not missed a game.  That is 25 years of faithful Mayfield football support!

When he and my mother has only been married a short time, he went to the game and only had $2 in his pocket.  He knew that the tickets were $2 a piece; however the guy at the gate let them in for the price of one ticket!

In 2000, while working on a scaffolding, he fell and crushed his elbow.  He was taken to the hospital and admitted for surgery for repairs.  During recovery, the nurse came in to check on him saying, “I think we are going to keep you overnight.”

To which my dad replied, “Tonight’s the game and I am going.”  As the nurse left the room to consult with the doctor, my dad removed his IV and got dressed.  Guess what, he went to the ballgame that night!  Now that is dedication!

Through the years he has passed on his love of the game to the rest of his family.  I grew up knowing that during football season our Friday nights were pre-planned.  My brother played football in high school and gained his championship ring in 1993, his senior year.  Like his grandfather, he bore the number 55 on his jersey.  I, of course, played powder puff and, you guessed it, wore the number 55 proudly on the field.  He has even converted his son-in-law, who graduated from Graves County, to become a faithful Mayfield supporter.  “The tradition continues,” is what they say, and I guess they’re right.

Those who don’t know him by name, I am sure recognize his voice.  You can hear him from the stands shouting things such as, “Too much time, Too much time!.” or “Get in the game, REF!”

John Dunn and his wife Glenda have four children:  Wade, Heather, Whitney and Erin and 4 grandchildren with one on the way.  When I told him he might someday have to come see his grandsons playing he replied, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”